An atlas of respiratory disease in South Australia

Published: 2017

An atlas of respiratory disease in South Australia was produced for the Department for Health and Ageing (South Australia).

The atlas provides a broad picture of health in South Australia. It combines socioeconomic and other risk factors associated with respiratory conditions with prevalence, treatment and service use data. It aims to assist communities, health practitioners, policy-makers and service planners, to better understand aspects of respiratory conditions at the community level.

The atlas presents data for, and maps of, the following indicators:

  • selected socioeconomic variables;
  • estimated levels of self-reported health status;
  • selected health risk factors;
  • estimated prevalence of respiratory conditions;
  • selected services under the Medical Benefits Scheulde;
  • selected prescriptions dispensed under the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme for respiratory conditions;
  • Emergency Department attendances;
  • admissions to public acute hospitals; and
  • premature mortality

Where possible, these indicators are presented by relevant demographic characteristics, including sex, age, and Indigenous status.


Authored by PHIDU


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