Website video tutorials

How to: Find a suburb or locality

This PHIDU tutorial covers how to find a suburb or locality and view its data in the Social Health Atlas of Australia and view data for over 750 indicators relating to health and the social determinants of health for that area.


How to: Produce a data profile of an area or group of areas

This PHIDU tutorial shows you how to combine different topics and indicators for an area or group of areas to create a data profile.


How to: Aggregate data to larger areas for a percent, IRSD and age standardised rate/ratio, and re-base age standardised ratio/rate

This PHIDU tutorial covers how to aggregate data to larger areas, to create a new aggregated percent, IRSD or age-standardised rate or ratio. This might be useful for creating statistics for a larger area that is specific to your project or council area for example. We will also cover how to re-base age-standardised ratios and age-standardised rates, which can be used to re-create rates based on your State or Territory, rather than on an Australian standard.


An overview of the PHIDU website

This webinar video provides an introduction to the PHIDU website; and how to access and use the maps (single, double, and area profile), data, graphs, publications, population pyramids, and how to map your own data.