Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander and Indigenous Status Comparison Social Health Atlas of Australia: Topics, Indicators & Notes

The Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Social Health Atlas of Australia and Indigenous Status Comparison Social Health Atlas of Australia includes demographic and social indicators, as well as indicators of health status and health service use. The data are presented by Indigenous Area (see the ABS Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) Edition 3 - Indigenous Structure, July 2021).

The topics and indicators for the data presented in this release of these atlases are detailed below, and include the date when each indicator for the specified period was first released by PHIDU. For earlier releases, refer to the Data archive.

The Notes on the data for each indicator are available by selecting an indicator of interest within the topic list below - or by using the autocomplete Search for ... filter below - refer also to Accessing the notes on the data for additional information. The Notes on the data (pdf)comprises notes for all topics and indicators, although it does not contain the Policy context statements available in the individual notes below.

Additional notes:
  1. 'Aboriginal' refers to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

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Demographic and social indicators

Health status, disability and deaths

Use and provision of health and welfare services