Social Health Atlases of Australia: Topics, Indicators & Notes

The Social Health Atlases of Australia Contents list below presents the topics and indicators, including the date when each indicator for the specified period was released, in the general order used by PHIDU in the atlases and other products by the themes of Demographic and social indicators; Health status, disability and deaths; and Use and provision of health and welfare services. The geographical structure available is detailed for each indicator. Note: The geography acronyms are defined as follows: 'PHA' - Population Health Area, 'LGA' - Local Government Area and 'PHN' - Primary Health Network.

PHA boundaries have been updated to reflect the 2021 ASGS - refer to Geographical structures for additional information

Indicators available by Quintiles of Socioeconomic Disadvantage of Area and Remoteness Area, and for the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Social Health Atlases of Australia, are listed separately. For earlier release Aboriginal data, refer to the Data archive.

The Notes on the data for each indicator are available by selecting an indicator of interest within the topic list below - or by selecting an item from the autocomplete Search filter below - refer also to Accessing the notes on the data for additional information. A simplified version of the Notes on the data (pdf) is also available.

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Demographic and social indicators

Health status, disease prevention, disability, carers and deaths

Use and provision of health and welfare services