Population Health Areas: List 2021

Population Health Areas: Correspondence based on Statistical Areas Level 2

Population Health Areas (PHAs) are based on the Statistical Areas Level 2 (SA2), ABS Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) 2016, or 2021 for 2021 Census data. SA2s replaced Statistical Local Areas (SLAs), however there were far more SA2s than SLAs and it was clear that the number of cases in some population health datasets would be too small to map using SA2s: this was particularly the case in non-metropolitan areas. To address this issue, PHIDU developed a set of areas (PHAs), which comprise individual (larger) SA2s, or aggregations of (smaller) SA2s - for further information refer to the Population Health Areas: Overview.

To find the code and/or name of a Population Health Area, search within the relevant State/ Territory tab. Alternatively, you may refer to the 2021 and 2016 SA2 to PHA concordance below which includes both the summary list and the full concordance