The socioeconomic gradient and chronic illness and associated risk factors in Australia: How far have we travelled? Evidence from the ABS National Health Survey Series (Paper)

Released: 2015

The most disadvantaged people in Australia bear a disproportionate share of the burden of illness, disability and death when compared with those who are the most well off. Although greatest between the most disadvantaged and the least disadvantaged populations, these differentials often apply across the socioeconomic gradient. They are equally evident for a range of measures of socioeconomic disadvantage.

The release of data from the 2011-13 Australian Health Survey provides an opportunity to examine the most recent national data on the prevalence of chronic conditions in Australia and how different groups across the population are affected. This analysis shows that the prevalence continues to vary across the socioeconomic gradient for certain chronic conditions, as well as for a number of related risk factors.

Authored by PHIDU

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