Audit of Australian chronic disease and associated risk factor data collections: Final report

Published: 2010

This Audit was undertaken in 2008 in order to update the 2001-2002 Audit of Australian Chronic Disease and Associated Risk Factor Data Collections, which, although published in 2003 was still in use as a resource describing the scope of, and identifying gaps in, Australian data collections on chronic disease and associated risk factors and determinants.

This update of the Audit was funded by the Population Health Division of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, and completed with the assistance of officers in all Australian, state and territory governments, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Chapter Two reviews the policy situation in relation to chronic disease and associated risk factors and determinants nationally and in the states and territories. Chapter Three examines the existing time series data collections nationally and among the states and territories, with a special focus on data linkage and recent developments. The perceptions of a small number of personnel with lengthy and/or continuing involvement in the field were also sought to provide more in-depth information on the current situation and near future directions. A number of appendices supply additional details in support of the text, with Appendix D presenting detailed descriptions of the data collections in the Audit.

Authored by PHIDU

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