An Atlas of Cancer in South Australia

Published: 2012

An Atlas of Cancer in South Australia was funded by the Cancer Council South Australia (CCSA). The atlas was produced to highlight geographic and other inequalities which relate to cancer in Metropolitan Adelaide and non-metropolitan areas of South Australia. In particular, the atlas describes inequalities in the prevalence of some risk factors for cancer, participation and outcomes of screening for certain cancers, cancer incidence, and five-year relative survival according to small geographical areas, as well as variations across area-based categories of remoteness and in socioeconomic status in South Australia. Data on cancer survival and staging at a regional level, as well as additional data on cancer incidence for cancers too small for detailed geographic analysis are also provided.

The atlas is a companion document to the Messages from research: A review of the literature and South Australian evidence in differences in cancer outcomes between metropolitan and country residents, and factors that might underlie such differences report.

Authored by PHIDU


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Section 1: Context and purpose

Section 2: Geographic and other inequalities in selected cancer outcomes in South Australia

Section 3: Cancer incidence, stage and survival by region of South Australia

Section 4: Correlation analysis


Key maps