Public Health Classifications Project - Phase One: Final Report

Report to the National Public Health Partnership, December 2005

Published: 2006

The objective of the Public Health Classifications Project is to 'develop and endorse a higher-level classification that captures the breadth and scope of public health activity and provides a unified framework for multiple uses'. Such a unified framework will assist in improving the quality and consistency of reported information on public health activity, performance, investment and expenditure. The National Public Health Partnership funded the project in response to recommendations from the 2002 Public Health Performance Project. This report is the output of phase one of the Public Health Classification Project. It introduces the concept of a multi-dimensional public health classification and describes the challenges encountered in developing it. The report presents version one of a classification of public health, outlines some potential practical applications, and proposes the next steps for phase two of the project.

For further information, please refer to the National Public Health Partnership project information.

Prepared by Su Gruszin, Louisa Jorm, Tim Churches and Judy Straton for the National Public Health Information Work Group of the National Public Health Partnership

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