A Social Health Atlas of compensable injury in South Australia

Published: November 2006

A Social Health Atlas of Compensable Injury in South Australia was commissioned by TRACsa with funding from the Motor Accident Commission and WorkCover Corporation of South Australia. It is the first health atlas to bring population data on compulsory third party and workers' compensation claims together with information on social, economic and demographic characteristics, health status and health service utilisation.

Authored by PHIDU

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1 Purpose

2 Context
  • Overview of the compensation sector in South Australia
  • Socioeconomic status of South Australia's population
  • Income support payments
  • Health status: chronic disease and injury prevalence estimates; self-reported health; avoidable mortality; Years of life lost to disability (YLD)
  • Use of emergency assistance, medical and hospital services

3 Compulsory Third Party Insurance scheme claims and costs

4 Workers' compensation claims: Registered employers

5 Other relevant datasets
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Hospital inpatient data by compensation type
  • Health and welfare workforce estimates

6 Summary



Key maps