Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection: Australian Health Surveys - Question and module development principles and practice

Occasional Paper No. 5

Published: 2003

The work of the National Computer Assisted Telephone Interview Technical Reference Group (CATI TRG) under the National Public Health Partnership has emphasised the need to establish question and module development standards in the Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection (CASIC) environment that can be utilised in CATI health surveys across Australia. This has been seen as important so that measurement error in the CASIC environment can be reduced as well as providing greater harmonisation of the results of different CASIC data collection activities. This overview of question/module development principles and practices provides a guide to the various stages that are required to ensure that 'best practice' question development is followed.

This document outlines principles and practices for the development of consistent and uniform questions (or sets of questions) in CASIC. It covers the identification and assessment of questions, key processes in the development of questions and the processes to test validity and reliability. In addition, subsequent fieldwork issues, interviewer feedback and reporting on questions are outlined.

Authored by PHIDU

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