Notes on the data: MBS services

45 Year Old Health Checks provided by GPs to males/ females/ persons aged 45 to 49 years, 2009/10


Note that although these data are several years old, they have been retained in the atlases as the only small area data available for this topic. Efforts continue to get access to more up-to-date data.

Policy context:  The Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program was introduced to provide more preventive care for older Australians and improve coordination of care for people with chronic conditions and complex care needs. The 45 Year Old Health Check is for GPs to provide a preventative health check for people between the ages of 45 and 49 (inclusive) who are at risk of developing a chronic disease, and enable early intervention strategies to be put in place where appropriate [1].


  1. Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA). Enhanced Primary Care Program overview. Canberra: DoHA; 2008.

Notes:  MBS Item No: 717

Data exclude any such services provided by the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Note: The difference between the sum of males and females, and the persons total, is due to not all data being reported by sex.


Numerator:  Non-referred attendances for GP services for the 45 Year Old Health Check - males/ females/ persons aged 45 to 49 years, as appropriate


Denominator:  Population aged 45 to 49 years - males/ females/ persons, as appropriate


Detail of analysis:  Indirectly age-standardised rate per 100,000 males/ females/ population (aged 45 to 49 years), as appropriate; and/or indirectly age-standardised ratio, based on the Australian standard


Source:  Compiled by PHIDU based on data from Medicare Australia, supplied by the Department of Health of Ageing, 2009/10; and average of ABS Estimated Resident Population, 30 June 2009 and 30 June 2010.


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