Notes on the data: Aboriginal labour force

Aboriginal labour force participation, 2021


Policy context:  Just over half (54.1% - 56.2% for males and 52.2% for females) of the Aboriginal population aged 15 years and over at the 2021 Census were in the labour force; this compares with almost two thirds (64.3%) for non-Indigenous Australians [1].


  1. Australian Bureau of Statistics, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples Profile, ABS 2021, accessed 3 February 2023. Available from:

Geography: Data available by Indigenous Area, Primary Health Network, Quintile of socioeconomic outcomes (based on IRSEO) and Remoteness Area


Numerator:  Aborginal people aged 15 years and over in the labour force


Denominator:  All Aboriginal people aged 15 years and over


Detail of analysis:  Per cent


Source:  Compiled by PHIDU based on the ABS Census of Population and Housing, August 2021


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