Notes on the data: Median age at death

Median age at death - males/ females/ persons, 2010 to 2014


Policy context:  Median age of death is an indicator of premature mortality. It is the age at which exactly half the deaths registered in a given time period were deaths of people above that age and half were deaths below that age. In 2013, the median age at death was 78.4 years for males and 84.6 years for females [1].


  1. Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Deaths, Australia. (ABS cat. no. 3302.0.) ABS: Canberra; 2013 [released 2014 Nov 6; cited: 2015 Mar 11]. Available from:

Notes:  For deaths data released since 2007, the ABS has applied a staged approach to the coding of cause of death which affects the number of records available for release at any date. In each release, the latest year’s data is preliminary, the second latest is revised and the data for the remaining years is final. For further information about the ABS revisions process see the following and related sites:

LGA data only: The Local Government Area (LGA) data are based on a concordance allocating deaths coded to Statistical Areas Level 2 (SA2). However, where an SA2 is split across multiple LGAs, the data for the whole SA2 have been assigned to the LGA with the largest proportion of the SA2s population. As a result, some LGAs were not allocated any deaths; where this occurred, these LGAs were assigned the median age at death of the SA2 from which the LGA was split. A check of the median age at death for a majority of these cases has shown that there is little difference in the end result.


Geography: Data available by Population Health Area, Local Government Area, Primary Health Network, Quintiles and Remoteness Areas

Numerator:  Median age at death - males/ females/ persons


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Detail of analysis:  Median age at death (years)


Source:  Data compiled by PHIDU from deaths data based on the 2010 to 2014 Cause of Death Unit Record Files supplied by the Australian Coordinating Registry and the Victorian Department of Justice, on behalf of the Registries of Births, Deaths and Marriages and the National Coronial Information System.


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