Population pyramid generator


The Population pyramid generator allows you to:

  • generate a population pyramid for Population Health Areas (PHAs), Local Government Areas (LGAs), Primary Health Networks (PHNs), or Section of State (eg Sydney/ non-metropolitan NSW);
  • compare two population pyramids, eg compare a (eg Parramatta) to the Sydney GCCSA (or any other capital city or rest of State/Territory area, under Section of State); and
  • build a snapshot (save image as a .png file)
  • FORTHCOMING - The population pyramid comparing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous populations will be updated shortly.

User information

Areas with populations below 100 have been excluded.

Tip: To get a clearer comparison, select the area of main interest as comparator 2.

View population pyramids

View the population pyramids for:

  • Current populations
  • FORTHCOMING - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous population pyramid will be updated shortly.