Map your own data tool


You can map data for three geographical structures in Australia:
  1. Postcode
  2. Population Health Areas (PHA) for more information and a full list of PHAs click here
  3. Local Government Areas (LGA)

Requirements for your data


The boundary files for mapping postcode data are those supplied by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). They are called postal area boundaries and approximate postcode boundaries; a postal area is created by allocating whole Collection Districts to Australia Post postcodes.

Population Health Areas and Local Government Areas

To map data by PHA (constructed by PHIDU based on SA2s) and LGA, your data must be on the 2016 ASGS boundaries.

Refer to the Step-by-step guide to the Map your own data tool for instructions on using the software.

Access to Map your own data tool

The map your own data tool can be accessed here.

Further information

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