Notes on the data: Income support

Age pensioners - Department of Veterans' Affairs, June 2020


Policy context: People who are described as ‘age pensioners’ are those who receive either a Service Pension (Age) from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) or an Age Pension from Centrelink (for details of this pension, see separate note). The Service Pension (Age) provides a regular income to veterans and their partners. It is an income support payment, so your income and assets affect how much you can receive.


Notes: The Service Pension (Age) is available from the Department of Veterans' Affairs for veterans who have reached 60 years of age; it can also be paid to eligible partners, widows and widowers. Note that this is different to the age of eligibility for those receiving an Age Pension from the Department of Human Services.

Data were converted from SA2 level data by the DVA and provided to PHIDU for all published geographies. LGA data was provided on 2020 boundaries by the DVA and converted to 2016 boundaries by PHIDU. For privacy reasons figures of 1 to 3 provided by DVA may not be the exact count for that region, and hence have been suppressed (confidentialised) by PHIDU. In some cases, values of 4 or more may have been increased/decreased by one or two so that the totals remain consistent.

Geography: Data available by Population Health Area, Local Government Area, Primary Health Network, Quintile of socioeconomic disadvantage of area and Quintiles within PHNs, and Remoteness Area


Numerator: People in receipt of an Age Pension from the Department of Veterans' Affairs at June 2020


Denominator: Persons aged 60 years and over at June 2020


Detail of analysis: Percent


Source: Compiled by PHIDU based on data from the Department of Veterans' Affairs, June 2020; and PHIDU estimated population, 30 June 2020.


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